17 ¾” cutting width


Powder coat and electroplate finish for corrosion resistance


4) 6” wheels for maneuverability on and off the ice


“No-Gap” adjustable guide wheel


Powerful 10.5HP OHV Industrial/Commercial Briggs & Stratton engine EPA Certified, largest available in the industry.


VS Anti-Vibration System (Except T-29 IceCat)


Precision controlled cutting depth system


Contoured snow chute to direct ice into center of the sheet


Optimum performance preset ice cutting angle


Handle mounted operating controls for ease of use


Adjustable front wheels that can be customized to your ice sheet


No assembly required

Thomsen T-29 Ice Edger

Electric Edger Specifications

t29_BIG The T-29 Ice Cat was the first cordless electric ice edger available on the market. Quality and technology have improved over time, allowing us to impliment changes to the ice edger. This machine is ideal if you're working in an enclosed arena or if you're arena is looking for a green alternative to a gas powered machine. Powered by two 12-volt deep cycle batteries (included).


Custom Built 24 Volt DC Traction Motor.



12 Lb./Ft. @ 2500 Rpm.



Two 12 Volt deep cycle batteries (included with purchase)


Battery Charger:

Battery Charger, integrated into our machine. An extension cord is all that is needed to recharge your ice edger


Cutter Type:

6 Classic cutters mounted to a cutter plate


Cutter Diameter:

18" of surface contact for precise and quick cutting, largest cutting path of any cordless electric edger in the industry to make your job easier.


Cutter Height:

Adjustment handle located within convenient reach of operator. The handle operates a synchronized wheel assembly to maintain a uniform angle



Four 6" wheels provide stable control and maneuverability on and off ice


Snow Deflector Guard:

Directs ice chips towards center of rink where your ice resurfacer can collect it


Rear Snow Deflector:

Prevents ice shavings from coming in contact with the operator


Heavy Duty Construction:

Shipping Wt. 300 Lbs. Operating Wt. 290 Lbs.


Shipping Dimensions:

24" Width, 45" Height, 42" Length comes fully assembled with fiberglass motor and battery covers


T-29 Batteries:

There are two important considerations to think about when replacing your batteries. First, it is important to use the correct battery. The recommended battery is a heavy-duty deep cycle type battery. Please note that a marine battery is typically a hybrid between a starting battery (SLI) and a deep cycle battery. While the marine and car  batteries are often cheaper, they are not recommended for this application.


The second important note is that the connections to the batteries must be checked regularly for tightness. The proper torque is between 65 and 70 ft/lbs. If the connections become loose there may be arcing between the cables and the battery, this is extremely dangerous and could cause failure of the battery(s) or the motor.