Safety Information - Blade Change

Safety Bulletin

  • Thomsen Ice Edgers recommends that anyone operating an ice edger follow all safety precautions you would while using a lawn mower.

  • Only one person (the edger operator) should be on the ice at the time of the edging. Under no circumstances should the edger blade ever be allowed to contact anything besides the ice. Do not start the machine until you are safely on the ice with the blade raised and you are the only person on the ice.

  • When exiting the rink, raise the blade, and wait until the cutters have come to a complete stop before transporting the edger off of the ice rink.

  • It is extremely important to rotate your cutter blades often in order to cut with a sharp edge. If a cutter blade is chipped or cracked, replace it immediately. Edging your ice with dull cutters put additional stress on the engine and the cutter bar, potentially causing failure. It is also important that the operator does not attempt to take too deep a cut from the ice sheet or allow the edger to strike any other object other than clean ice. If these precautions are not heeded there is potential for cutter bar breakage.

  • Thomsen Ice Edgers recommends that the base not be modified in any way so that a deeper cut can be achieved or for any other purpose.

  • Thomsen Ice Edgers recommends that the all of the bolts associated with the cutter assembly be checked for tightness regularly. The center bolt must be tightened to a torque of 65 ft/lbs. Start by checking the blade bolts on a weekly basis. If the bolts remain tight, then check when rotating the cutters, or at least once a month. Confirm that the hub/bar assembly is seated on the end of the motor shaft.