Edger not cutting ice
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Check the edges of your blades for sharpness. Test the sharpness of your cutter blades as you would the sharpness of an ice skate.  Drag the edge of the cutter across your thumbnail. If you can scratch your nail the blade is sharp.


Check the blade height. Cutters should be 5/16” below the shroud. The entire cutter should be below the notch in the left side of the shroud. If not, the hub bolt may have loosened over time. 

Remedy – Install a hub spacer and tighten hub bolt to 95 ft./lbs. Check the bolt tightness regularly.


Check the blade orientation angle. The cutter assembly should by tilted forward slightly for a positive cutting angle. With the cutters rotated to the front of the edger, lower the edger until the tip of the cutter contacts a smooth flat surface. Measure the distance from the cutter facing the rear, to the smooth surface. There should be a 5/16” gap. If not adjust the turnbuckle assembly until this is accomplished.


Check for broken or cracked blades.

How deep of a cut should I take with the edger?
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Thomsen recommends that you take no more than a 1/4” cut each time around the rink. You will find that you will have a superior ice sheet if you edge more often and take a lighter cut. If you are kicking up a great deal of snow onto the edger, this is an indication that you are taking too heavy of a cut.



Edger pushing away from the boards
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Check the ice/snow build-up near the boards. The shroud on the edger base will deflect the edger when taking too deep of a cut, or running into large chunks in the ice. Frequent edging and the use of a board brush on your resurfacer will provide the best ice sheet.

Edger not cutting close enough to the boards
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Check the ice/snow build-up near the boards. Frequent edging and the use of a board brush on your resurfacer will provide the best ice sheet.


Check the setting of the adjustable guide wheel. The guide wheel should be set to allow the edger to get the desired distance from your dasher boards.


Check the left side of the shroud (dasher side). The shroud may be bent caused by handling, or shipping. With a non-marring hammer, tap the shroud back into square. Check to make sure that the cutter assembly clears the deck before starting the edger!

Does Thomsen Manufacturing offer a warranty on its equipment?
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We offer a warranty on all parts of our edgers against defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. Defective parts are replaced at no cost. The engine has a seprate warranty that is backed by Briggs and Stratton or Met Motors. If you think that you have a warranty issue with the engine on your ice edger, you must have your gasoline or propane powered engine inspected by an authorized Briggs and Stratton dealer.


You may locate a Briggs and Stratton dealer in your area by following the link provided  http://www.briggsandstratton.com/engines/support/dealer-locator.aspx

Do all propane machines come with the electric start option?
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Yes. Due to the solenoid valves necessary to operate the regulator properly we do not offer the propane machine without the electric start option.


Please note that propane powered ice edgers are not available within the USA due to EPA regulations.

Can I still get parts for the older generation Models of Thomsen edgers?
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You can still get parts for the Thomsen Model 90, 91, 94 & 97 edgers. We only stock a few of the parts for these machines, but we have prints for all of the old parts and these can be produced. Vasco Inc is a full service machine shop and can manufacture any of the parts that you may need from the prints.





T-29 How does the automatic battery charger work?
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The charger is completely self contained and mounted on the edger itself, all that would need to be provided would be an extension cord that would connect your power source to the ice edger. Charging completely depleted batteries will take about 10 hours. When the batteries are full, the charger will shut itself off automatically so that your personnel will not have to set a timer.


A 240V battery charger is available.



How heavy is the T-29?
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The T-29 weighs 290 lbs. including the batteries and the batteries weigh 65 lbs. each. There is no problem maneuvering the T-29 on the ice.

T-29 What is the amount of cutting time available from the batteries?
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We recommend using 2) 12 volt heavy duty deep cycle batteries Thomsen part #1TH29-122, Interstate Batteries part #SRM-27, these are the same batteries used in RV’s to operate electrical appliances.


Battery specifications can be found by clicking here.


NOTE: As the work load on your edger increses (depth of cut), the length of your available run time will decrease.

Does the T-29 have enough power to edge my rink?
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Yes. We use a specially designed 24VDC traction motor that is based on the same design used in an industrial forklift application. The motor turns at 2500RPM.


We have tested this machine at our local ice facility and we have been able to make 2 trips around an 85' x 200' ice surface while removing 3/16" and there was still battery power available to perform more work.